Blogging for Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO Blog - Local Search Engine OptimizationBlogs are everywhere. Most websites have them. It would be difficult to use a search engine and not run in to one on the first page of results. Billions of dollars are being made every year using the power of blogs.

So, why aren’t more local businesses using a company blog to help in their local SEO and sales efforts?

It’s likely that they don’t know how to make it work for their businesses, or they doubt their efforts will pay-off so they won’t invest the resources needed to create and maintain it, or perhaps they are working on just getting a website built for their company.

Whatever the reason, most local businesses are not utilizing the power of the blog. This presents a great opportunity for wise local businesses to outperform their competitors.

Key Local SEO Benefits of a Company Blog

1) Fresh Content

Google seems to prefer websites with fresh content, published consistently. Putting in place a program for the frequent publishing of fresh content that is useful and engaging to visitors is paying off for local businesses.

2) Backlinks

These can be links from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., or links from third-party directories, websites and blogs. As you create and promote your blog posts you will most likely see your number of backlinks increase. The key is to make your blog posts relevant and interesting to your local customers and community. If you don’t already know, links from other quality websites and blogs can help boost your rankings in major search engines, like Google.

3) Engagement

Your blog gives your company a voice online, and it provides your current customers and prospective customers many ways to interact with your company. Search engines are increasingly looking for evidence that your company is interacting online, that there is a “conversation” about your company online, and that people have good things to say about you.

4) Helps You Rank Better for More Keyword Phrases

As you create more focused content on your blog you give Google, and other search engines, more words to use to rank your web pages. For most local businesses there are only a handful of keyword phrases that bring in the bulk of new customers. However, consider the new business that could come in from all the oddball keyword phrases that people search on. Adding more focused content to your site can help you rank for these less competitive and valuable keyword phrases.

Other Benefits of a Local Company Blog

1) It Can Build Credibility

Creating lots of useful and relevant content on your website shows prospective customers that, at the very least, you have given your product or service some thought. Handled properly, a blog can reveal to the world that you are an expert in what you do or in what you sell—this helps you become the “go-to” company. This is especially important for local businesses whose product or service is expensive, when the sales process is complex, or when the sales cycle is long.

2) It’s a Pre-Selling Opportunity

You should already have core pages on your website that exist to handle pre-sale objections and address the questions and concerns of potential customers. Your blog can enhance these efforts. For example, write down the top ten questions your customers are asking you. Then write down the ten questions they should be asking you. Create a blog post for each question with an in-depth and engaging answer. Link to these longer answers from your FAQ or help section, which should be addressing these questions in short-form.

3) A Chance to Be Charming

People want to feel like you see the best in them. They also want to see the best in you, especially when they’re about to put their trust in you and give you their money. Your company blog provides an opportunity for you to showcase the ‘charming’ side of your company. Remember that people buy from people, not companies. Show them that you are real people, real good people, and that you’re friendly, trustworthy, good to your employees, your customers, the community you live in, your industry or peers, etc.

4) Proactive Reputation Management

If your company’s reputation is ever attacked online you will have a platform from which to set the record straight, offer a solution, or even make an apology, when appropriate.

5) It Can Increase Referrals and Repeat Business

By joining or starting a conversation using your blog posts, you help your company to achieve and maintain “top-of-mind” status with your customers and followers. Ideally, whenever the subject of a product or service that you sell comes up these people will immediately think of you, and act accordingly.

6) Give ‘em Something to Talk About

A blog gives you a good reason to speak to the world, and blogs are inherently social. When you create new content you have a chance to get your company noticed by sending word of your latest blog masterpiece to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, your email list, and on, and on.

7) It’s Easy

Just log in to your blogging software (You are using a
CMS for you website, aren’t you?), and use the easy-to-use interface to create your new blog post, preview it, and publish it. By the way, I highly recommend building your local business website using the world’s most popular blogging platform, WordPress ( 

Who’s Going to Create All of That Content for Your Blog?

Ideally, someone at your company will write the content for your blog.  If that isn’t practical or possible, you can hire a writer to create content for you.

You can find and hire good writers for less money than you might imagine using Upwork.

Whether you use it to keep in touch with your customers, educate and pre-sell prospective customers, for local SEO, or for helping with your social media campaign, a company blog can do amazing things for your local business.

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